Got a question about fabtrackr? Here I try to answer as many common questions as possible.

How do I sign up?
Whilst I am trialling the latest incarnation of the software new signups are limited. Please fill in your details on the sign up form and I will let you know as soon as it is good to go.

Free? Really? Be honest
Yes it really is free – I am trying to keep the site free forever and I am able to do this by the placement of adverts or links which pay money when they are clicked on.

I don’t want to track what I eat, can I just use fabtrackr for recording my weight?
Sure. Use some or all of fabtrackr, whatever works for you. I have a number of users who simply track their weight, record goals and look up the occasional food item.

I am using foodtrackr, but not losing any weight. Why?
Firstly, check your profile to make sure your height, weight, age and gender are accurate. If everything is correct then you need to check you are recording what you eat correctly. Are you recording every single thing you eat? Are you guessing portion sizes? If so you could be underestimating the sizes, go back to using scales for a few days.

How do I upgrade fabtrackr to the paid for version?
Full details on upgrades can be found on the upgrade page.

Do you have a telephone number?
I do not publish any telephone numbers as I am busy trying to make fabtrackr even better. Your best bet is to drop me a mail at [email protected] or contact me via twitter @fabtrackr.

I need some help with the fabtrackr app
No problem, simply drop me a mail at [email protected] or contact me via twitter @fabtrackr.

I represent a Brand and need to correct information held in fabtrackr
Simply drop me an email at [email protected], I would be happy to help.