fabtrackr Nutrition Colours and Abbreviations

Standardised colours and abbreviations are used throughout fabtrackr to indicate the various food components and is used on the nutritional information.

Calories (CAL) White #FFFFFF
White is all the colours combined and Calories are the combination of all the macronutrients.

MrAnt Unit (MAU) Iris Blue #00B7C8
As one of the original calculations of the quality of food used on fabtrackr, MAU shares the colour of that site.

Glycaemic Signal (GS) Dark Violet #8D00C8
A different way of indicating Glycaemic Load, Violet seemed a different colour to the others used and stood out.

Carbohydrate (CAR) Cinnabar #E74C3C
The colour Red was chosen for Carbohydrates as this colour is associated with Danger.

Sugar (SUG) Persian Red #C0392B
A darker shade of the colour used for Carbohydrate as Sugars are a subset of Carbohydrates.

Fat (FAT) Tangerine Yellow #FFCD02
Chosen to represent the real colour of Human Fat.

Saturated Fat (SAT) Orange #FFA800
A darker shade of the colour used for Fat as Saturated Fat is a subset of the overall Fat.

Protein (PRO) Summer Sky #3498DB
Protein is often associated with Fish as a good source of Protein, so the Blue of the sea was a good choice.

Fibre (FIB) Golden Brown #8D600B

Salt (SAL) Ghost White #F6F6FA
Ghost White is similar to the colour of Salt Crystals