Sugar Leaderboard

I am on a mission to find the products on our shelves that contain the highest levels of sugar. It looks like drinks are taking the top spots. Do you know of a worse offender, let me know via Twitter or send me an email. All products on the Leaderboard must be sold and a … Read more

Glycaemic Signal (GS)

The Glycaemic Index is a rating system for foods that contain Carbohydrates. Databases, Tables and Lists are used to find the GI rating for each food and this indicates how quickly each food affects blood sugar (Glucose) levels. Glycaemic Load provides a different approach by also taking into account the size of the portion. This … Read more

If you have Arthritis you need to try this now

An absolute wonder I have had Arthritis for quite some time and can appreciate how painful and debilitating the condition can be. It was suggested to me that I should try Cherry Juice and I sceptically ordered a bottle from the local Holland and Barrett. This is absolute miracle product and I felt the effects … Read more


Ingredientnoun /ɪnˈɡriː.di.ənt/ A food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish

Top tips for weighing for weight loss

Weighing is a key part of tracking food. You need to record the weight of all you consume but this needn’t mean that you actually have to weigh everything you eat. With these tips you can make weighing manageable.

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Salt or Sodium what is the difference

Sodium is a chemical element referred to as Na by scientists. Salt is a mixture of 40% Sodium and another chemical element called Chloride making up the remaining 60%; hence it is also known as Sodium Chloride. Salt occurs naturally in sea water or in deposits underground. On food labels in the UK you should find that salt … Read more

What are calories?

Tiny little creatures that sew your clothes tighter while you are asleep? Just what are Calories?

Water and Weight Loss

Losing weight has become the Holy Grail for much of the world’s population; certainly the Western world where food is plentiful, but the quality is often questionable. Fat, sugar, additives with strange-sounding names, combine to take their toll upon our health and increase our weight past the point of what is healthy. Obesity is on … Read more